Hawaii Book Event


I’m super excited to kick off our Spring 16 book tour for Closer to the Ground paperback at Patagonia Hale’iwa. We’ll talk a bit about foraging, wild food, kids in the outdoors and island life, then read a few stories from the book. Questions, answers (if I have any) and discussion to follow. I think it’s going to be a fun evening, so if you–or anyone you know–are on Oahu then, please come by.

Details, in case the poster is tough to read: 7:00pm, Tuesday, February 23rd at the Hale’iwa Patagonia store on the North Shore of Oahu.

We’ll follow up this event with readings/talks (including some special guests) in Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and New York City. Stay tuned for details.


Pushing Rock


It’s that time of year again, when low spots in the road fill with water and start turning into potholes. But this year, we decided to get ahead of the game and spread some fresh rock before the actual holes form. Seemed like a good thing to do with all the weather we’ve had so far.

So Weston and I grabbed a shovel, a rake, a five-gallon bucket and went to work. He’s been “helping” me fix the road since he could walk, but this year, he actually did most of the work. And even thought it’s not as fun as basketball or fishing (or legos or video games…) he was cheerful and happy the whole time.

When we first started doing this together seven years ago, he slowed me down, but his happiness made it worth the extra effort. Now he can haul rock and spread it on his own, and I still gain from his upbeat attitude. Perhaps he just brings me along to keep the mood up.

Let ‘Em Fly


With a break in the weather, and some inspiration from our visit with Laine Sweeney (who, at 15 is practicing daily on her compound for this year’s deer season), Skyla picked up her bow and went to work. We quickly realized we needed to make a trip to the sporting goods store, where we bought a better target and some new arrows. Then it was time to let ’em fly.

Skyla says she doesn’t want to hunt with the bow, that it’s simply fun to shoot. I’m just happy to watch her enjoying herself and improving at a pretty cool skill. I was also inspired by Laine’s response when I asked her about her motivation to hunt deer with a bow. She said, “I really like the idea of my energy being what kills the deer we’ll eat and get energy from.” Pretty deep for a 15-year old, or anyone, for that matter.

In this house, though, at least for the time being, it’s targets only. And that makes sense to me, too. Especially when you hear the satisfying “whack” of an arrow hitting the middle of the target.




So I’m working on a novel. And even more surprising–at least to me–it’s going pretty well. But having not written long fiction before, I am trying to steep myself in as much information as possible. Primarily, the support, encouragement and advice from novelist friends, and reading as much good fiction as I can get my hands on.

But I figure a little real research wouldn’t hurt, either, so I’ve been dipping into a few “how-to” books. These were sent to me by my brother, Adrian, who writes and draws spectacular fiction. In fact, a few years back, he sent me the entire Paris Review series, which has been a fascinating read. The Wood book is a bit tougher–a pretty esoteric discussion of extremely fine points in fiction. I don’t know if I’m smart enough to actually implement what he talks about, but perhaps some of it will rub off on me just for reading it.

For a long-time non-fiction writer, the choices you get (or have) to make with each sentence are at times daunting and at others, remarkably freeing. I have no idea if what I’m writing is any good; it could be awesome or it could completely suck. But I do know I am thoroughly enjoying the process. Stay tuned!

CHROME Movie Launch

Way back in September, I was lucky enough to spend some time up in Northern BC working on a film with a bunch of good friends. That film, CHROME, made by Conservation Hawks and Conservation Media, is now finished. It’s also been selected for the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour, where it will debut in cities and towns across the country. Huge thanks to all the sponsors, and to Kate Taylor, Tim Romano, Tom Rosenbauer, Todd Tanner, Hannah and Alice Belford, film maker Jeremy Roberts and camera man Rick Smith for such good company.

We had a fantastic time in the deep wilderness chasing wild steelhead and talking about climate change and how it will impact cold water fisheries. With the fish running late, the whole adventure turned into an epic quest to find steelhead.

But for me, it was really more about the people and the place and and an opportunity to help motivate people to engage on the climate change issue. I think the film does a good job of capturing all of it, which hopefully you can see in the trailer above.


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