A Box Full Of Kings

Just home from our annual multi-family camping trip to kick off the king salmon season.  This year, we’ve been so busy, we almost bailed. Between the farm and my book work, the last 10 months have been overwhelmingly hectic. The process of getting ready to go camping seemed like it might just put us over the edge. And on more than one occasion, while frantically trying to pack up all our gear, Stacy and I both thought, “We’re not going next year.”

But as soon as we pulled out of the driveway with boat, bikes and enough food to feed an army, we were stoked. As we set up camp, the threatening rain clouds cleared and warm sunshine came streaming in. The Sweeneys were already there and Candace and Glen arrived just in time for dinner. Nothing like old friends to lift the spirits. Weston and I put the tent together while Stacy and Skyla got the campfire going. And then it was four days of kids zooming around on bikes, playing on the beach, sitting around the fire, s’mores and time to just kick back in the company of great friends.

And fishing. This year, the blind hog lucked into a bonanza of acorns…or in our case, king salmon. A great start to the season and plenty of delicious, fat-laden fillets to fill our dinner plates, freezers and smokers. Each day we piled more ocean-bright kings into the big ice chest, and on Wednesday, Glen had to go to town to buy another cooler. Yesterday, Skyla and Weston teamed up to boat two gorgeous kings in a short, one-hour session before we had to pack up camp to head home. And today, as Stacy and I faced a mountain of gear to clean up, unanswered e-mails and farm chores hanging over our heads, we both thought, “We’re definitely going again next year.”

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