Man Plans, Mother Nature Laughs

We thought we’d be able to open the blueberry farm two weeks ago. But the average daily temperature over the past month has been two degrees below last year’s, which was already below normal. This “unscheduled” weather has us all feeling a little anxious. (I knew farming would take a lot of work, but I had no idea about all the worrying…) While the rest of the country swelters, Puget Sound shivers. It’s raining and chilly again now as I type.

We’re getting close, though. There are already some nice berries in the field, just enough for us to snack on while we work. Mostly HardiBlues, our earliest berries, and a few Darrows. As a u-pick operation, we need enough ripe berries to make harvesting fun for our customers…so we wait. And worry. And wonder. And weed. I think we should be able to open later this week, but who knows? Mother Nature doesn’t seem to be looking at the calendar this year.

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