We opened the farm for the first time yesterday, with just enough of the early HardiBlues ready for picking. It was good to have some business, and I was reminded of what a happy place a u-pick blueberry farm is in season. Lots of kids running around, brilliant sunshine, cool breeze. Awesome. At the end of the day, we walked the rows to assess and decided we needed a few more days of ripening before we can re-open. So we wait. Again.

In the mean time, the dahlias are rolling along and providing a small bit of income, which at this point, is certainly welcome. They also provide something more–a kind of mood lift from their sheer beauty. It’s tough to work around flowers like this–and I am not generally a flower guy–without stopping to look and enjoy. I snapped this shot late the other day. Can’t remember the name of this particular kind, but it’s a good one.

A brief commercial message: If you live in the Puget Sound area and want to pick some berries or flowers, come by the farm and say hello. Or, actually, probably best to call the harvest hotline (206.855.0947) to find out when we’ll be open, especially since we’ve been going in fits and starts so far. We also have a website: Okay, that’s it for the sales pitch. Thanks for reading.

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