Off To The Printers


After two years of writing and six months of editing, design and illustration work, Closer To The Ground went to the printers today. In some ways, it’s a relief, but it’s also a little unnerving knowing it’s all set in stone–or ink, as it were–from here on out. I’ve been tinkering with the book for so long, it’s strange having it out of my hands.

This is a picture of the jacket cover design, completely unfolded. (I have no idea why I can’t post a PDF and have it show up…you can click on it to see, or once I figure it out, I will post again.) The cover illustration, as well as eight interior images, are paper cuts by Olympia, WA artist Nikki McClure. She cuts them from construction paper using an X-Acto knife. I think she did an amazing job.

Now, yet again, I wait. The book will be released October 15th, and I’m already looking forward to having it in my hands. We have several bookstore events on the calendar for October (they’re listed on my website) around the Pacific Northwest, and I will be hitting the road in early November for other parts of the country. Stay tuned for dates, places and times. It would be great to meet you out there.


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