The Old Mower Is Toast

Sometimes it seems like I spend most of my time at the farm fixing stuff instead of actually accomplishing anything. The irrigation system, mower, picnic table umbrella (which Weston broke), mower,  the tractor hydraulics (which I broke), and the mower are just a few of the most recent projects. We inherited the old mower when we bought the farm, and after a long, hard life…it appears to be done. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more time working on it than actually mowing.

First it was the belt that drives the cutting blades, which, due to some homemade earlier fixes by the previous owner along with my mechanical “prowess” became a long and tedious job. Then the starter. Then the mechanism that holds the blades in place. Then the battery. I finally replaced the battery, turned the key and the motor flooded to the point where gas was shooting out of the air intake. Awesome. Got that squared away and now…it’s blowing oil from the exhaust pipe. So, with carb issues and rings or valves or something critical shot, I think it’s time to say farewell.

I really wanted to be able to fix it. But I lack the skill, time and patience to continue dealing with it. So now the search is on for a worthy replacement…ideally something I can actually cut the grass with when I want. What a concept!


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