Fun Is Where You Find It

This is Weston on rapid descent from his epic summit assault of Mt. Mulchpile last October. Since we bought the farm (I don’t really like that expression, but we’re sort of stuck with it) the kids have spent a lot of time up there working. But they’ve also had to learn to entertain themselves as well. Their ability to do so has been a great lesson to me.

As someone who’s traveled all over in search of the bigger-better-faster-more experience, watching the kids play at the farm is a kind of zen instructional. Actually, spending time with the kids doing anything outside continues to teach this lesson. Skyla spends long moments peering into the water looking for small living creatures; Weston finds great happiness whacking brush with a stick or kicking a rock along the road; they both celebrate the discovery of shore crabs or spotting a pretty flower or bird in the woods.

The process of learning these lessons, as a type-A adult, is a lot of what Closer To The Ground is about. But my education continues, especially now with the farm. Hard to believe, but I’m already looking forward to something I thought would prove to be unending tedium–the winter pruning of 1,700 blueberry plants. And of course, taking time off from our labors to climb Mt. Mulchpile and leap into the air.


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