More Summer Food

My buddy Smarty and I had a stellar morning of fishing on Saturday, with plenty of nice fat summer kings. We limited out and had one that went 25 pounds, which is the biggest Puget Sound hatchery king for me in three years. Really nice fish. Hard to imagine that 50 years ago, the average king salmon here weighed exactly that: 25 pounds. Today the average is more like 12, probably due to the high number of hatchery-produced fish, which have shrunk in size as they’ve become more inbred.

But this is about the Dungeness crab pictured above. On the way in from fishing, we pulled the crab pots and found them loaded. Good size, too. The fat daddy on top there went 8.5 inches across the back, which is huge for this area. I boiled these in saltwater, then cleaned and chilled them until tonight. (Crab tastes better if you let the flavor develop for a day or two after cooking.) Skyla went nuts at dinner and ate at least one-and-a-half crabs by herself, which, if you ask me, is a lot for an eight-year old. Stacy put away a whole one as well. Weston and I are pretty much crabbed out for the year–I ate a half and Weston stuck to leftover teriyaki chicken.

With the best king season we’ve had in years going on, and having reached my personal crab-out threshold, I’m content to stick to fishing. But Skyla’s already lobbying for more crab. And tonight, Stacy was talking about crab cakes, which changes the whole equation. I can probably manage a little more crabbing, now that I think about it.


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