Every day I work at the farm, I try to remember to stop, pick a handful or two of berries and eat them. It’s a simple pleasure, and as the different varieties ripen, it’s fun to taste the subtle differences in flavor and texture. This is a picture of Weston holding some jumbo Darrows, which are just starting to develop their sugar now. Darrows are an old-fashioned blueberry, with an almost cinnamon or spice-note flavor, and they are among my favorites.

But everyone seems to have their own opinion. Some like the smaller, sweeter, early-ripening Hardi Blues, while others prefer the bigger, firmer, sweet-tart taste of the Legacies, which are just peaking now. They’re all good to me–in muffins, pancakes, smoothies, mixed with yogurt and honey, or just by the  handful. Which is about all I seem to have time for these days.

This summer has been crazy busy for us. Between the farm (I could probably write a dissertation on Italian tractor implement repair and lawn mower specifications), pre-publication book work, other writing jobs, family activities and the best king salmon season in recent memory, I’ve been burning it at both ends. All good stuff, and I wouldn’t trade any of it, but there hasn’t been much time for sleep. Which brings me back to the blueberries. I don’t know about all the science that goes into naming something a “superfood,” but I will say this: I eat my daily handful and in spite of our hectic pace…I feel great. Better than I have in years. I think it’s the blueberries.




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