“Easy” Tractor Repair

This is hard to believe. With the riding mower shot, I’ve been cutting the grass at the farm with a beautiful Italian finish mower implement for the tractor. A little challenging maneuvering the tractor around blueberry rows, but manageable, and it cuts like nobody’s business. Then, a couple weeks ago, I broke a blade. Easy fix, I thought. Of course, there’s only one parts dealer for this brand on the West Coast, but I tracked him down and he sent me a new blade. Now…easy fix, I thought.

But after two weeks and five different tractor-owning friends helping out, plus countless calls working my way up the chain of this brand’s American distributors…the broken blade remained firmly in place. Not an easy fix. Finally, I received an e-mail from the company’s Italian owner (his name is the name of the company) sent from his vacation home in Sardinia, no doubt. That in of itself was pretty hard to believe–like if you had a problem with your Ford truck and William Clay Ford Jr called to answer your questions.

What he told me is what I’m still having trouble believing. He said the solution was easy, all I had to do was make a tool to fit into the space above the blade and I could work it free. Make a tool? I have to make a tool to fix the tool to do the work I need to do?  Someone manufactures a machine that requires users to make a tool for simple repairs? Mind blowing. But here it is…a 30 mm open-end wrench that I ground 1/8 of inch off of to make it fit. So maybe I didn’t exactly make it, but it did require some work. Holy smokes. And now, at last…back to the mowing.

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