Pie Time

In the immortal words of Agent Cooper, “This must be where pies go when they die.” Saturday we hosted a fund raiser at the farm for Skyla and Weston’s school PTO. Some of the dad’s played 60’s surf music, kids careened around the farm dancing and running, and everyone ate too much good food. Some highlights: Steve’s famous pork dumplings, Neal and Sara’s smoked salmon, Jill’s crispy chicken wings, Stacy’s larb-style lettuce wraps…the list goes on and on.

And Tiffani, The Pie Maker, went all out with an unbelievable key lime pie with blueberry topping–tart, sweet, creamy, crunchy graham cracker crust–as well as a delicious, traditional, flaky-crust blueberry pie. And just to show she could bake without our blueberries, she made a mind-blowing chocolate-pecan pie. I had a piece of all three. You know,  just to make sure they were okay to serve to our guests. Someone had to do it. Sadly, all that remains of these glorious pies is this photo I snapped before diving in.


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