Go Figure

Last year, we ended our chanterelle picking season on a low note. Five-year old Weston stumbled onto a hornet nest and after several hundreds yards of sprinting, much screaming and a lot of adrenaline, he was covered in 37 stings. In the course of getting him to safety and knocking all the hornets out of his clothes and hat, Stacy and I had a few stings as well. Remarkably, Weston recovered quickly and we were all good.

Fast forward to this weekend. After a bit of rain on Friday, we set out for our first chanterelle harvest of 2012. Weston was a bit nervous, but I reassured him it was a rare occurrence and that we’d be safe. There were a decent number of mushrooms up, and we picked a small bag’s worth. And then Weston came shrieking down the trail, stung again. Thankfully, only once, but he had worked so hard to overcome his fears…I couldn’t believe it. What are the chances? Why him? And how will I ever convince him it’s okay in the future? The Great OutdoorsDad strikes again.

Anyway, we’re all fine. I was going to put up a shot of our harvest, but in the chaos of The Sting, Episode 2, I never took a photo. So this is one of my favorite illustrations that Nikki McClure did for the “Autumn” section of the book. It might be a while before we’re back in the woods now, so we better enjoy the chanterelles we have.

One Comment on “Go Figure”

  1. kalamityk8 says:

    Poor Weston! Those hornets and yellow jackets are malicious creatures-I’ve ripped through the woods many times running for my life and eventually jumping in the river to escape. I hope he comes to love bees despite The Sting Episodes.

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