Keep It Dry

For those of you have asked, Weston is fine. He recovered quickly from the hornet incident, and is now full speed ahead. Here he is with Skyla, working on our annual task of bringing firewood into the shed. I continue to be amazed at how capable the kids are these days–I bet they moved two cords on their own. Which goes a long way toward relief for their old man’s back.

The weather’s been so nice I was tempted to keep it outside drying as long as possible, but I took the little bit of precip we had last Friday as warning: Time to get it inside. So, even though it’s still slightly green (due to our late start on firewood collection last spring), I’d rather it not be soaked and rain wet. Hopefully, by the time we need to burn the newest stuff, it will have dried at least a little more. Here’s to a warm October!


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