Trick Or Treat

Inspired by the dinner John Larison made for me last week, I made this chanterelle-and-carmelized-onion pizza with Saturday’s harvest. (In this case, “inspired by” means I basically just ripped off the exact dish he made.) It came out great. I sauteed the mushrooms in butter with crushed garlic and carmelized some thin slices of red onions from the garden.

I rolled out the dough as thin as possible, brushed it with olive oil and layered on grated mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano cheese. Then I spread the cooked chanterelles and onions on top and put it on a pre-heated (hot as the oven goes) pizza stone in the oven for about 8 minutes. Awesome! And I had never even thought to put chanterelles on pizza…Thanks, John!

Forest Gold

After the Oregon book events, I was happy to be home. Spent most of the weekend on farm and house chores, but found a little time to wander around in the woods in a driving rain storm. It felt great. The kids were at a birthday party and Stacy was at the farm, so I went looking for chanterelles at a very relaxed pace. Scouted a new spot (nothing), went to an old favorite (very few), and finally ended up at our most reliable area (a few more).

I’m not sure if there were pickers ahead of me or if the late arrival of our autumn rain kind of closed the window on chanterelles, but given the conditions, I thought I’d find more. Pretty tough. The ones I did find, though, were dandies. Mostly deep in the ferns, very few under the huckleberry shrubs or in more open spots. After a couple of hours I was soaking wet, covered with fir needles and carrying about a pound of chanterelles. Just enough for an awesome pizza (more on that in the next post) with some in reserve for salmon/chanterelle linguine later this week.

BOOK UPDATE: I will be at Village Books in Bellingham on Tuesday, October 30th at 7:00pm. Then at Orca Books in Olympia on Saturday, November 3rd at 3:00pm. Come on out if you can–I’d love to meet you in person. Also, I feel honored to have Closer to the Ground reviewed in Publishers Weekly today. Click HERE to read the review.

Corvallis Reading

Had a great time at Grass Roots Books in my old home town last night. This is me with good friends and fellow fish-heads, John Larison, Andy Landforce and Ted Leeson. John and Ted are both wonderful writers whose work I have long admired, and they helped immensely throughout the process of writing Closer to the Ground. John is also a hunter, forager and cook who treated me to a fabulous pre-event dinner of elk burgers and chanterelle pizza with his lovely family.

Andy, now 94 years old, is one of the most important people in my life. He taught me how to  fish for steelhead and has provided guidance and wisdom ever since. His spirit runs throughout the book. It was a real honor to have these guys at the reading last night.

I’m at Powell’s City of Books in Portland tonight at 7:30pm. Come on out if you can. It would be great to meet you.


Sunday Reading

Apologies if the blog is becoming a bit book-centric, but this year, book season has to take precedence. It’s ironic that working on the book is keeping us from some of the activities in the book, but there you have it. Mostly it’s a lot of fun, although I did have pangs of regret about missing last weekend’s razor clam opener.

I think yesterday’s event at Elliott Bay Book Co went a little better than the previous one, if only because I was a bit more comfortable. It was a great honor to read in the place where I’ve seen so many of my favorite authors over the years. And once again, I was happy to have all the familiar faces there; the support from friends and family has been overwhelming. Thank you!

Now I’m looking forward to meeting new people a little farther from home. I’m at Grass Roots Books in Corvallis, OR this Wednesday, October 24th at 7:00pm. Then Powell’s City of Books in Portland on Thursday, October 25th at 7:30pm. Stoked for both!

Adventures In Bookland II

Well, the maiden voyage of the good ship Closer To The Ground launched last night at Eagle Harbor Books. We had a good crowd–about 40 people–on a rainy night when the Seahawks were playing on TV, so I was stoked. I was grateful to see so many familiar faces. It was also unexpectedly nerve-wracking, but I think it ended up going okay. This is a picture of me still signing books after they put all the chairs away, so I figure that’s a good sign.

We also had some nice media coverage this week. If you want to read the interview with the Portland Oregonian, click HERE. For the Q & A in The New York Times travel section, click HERE.

And now…on to Elliott Bay Book Co. in Seattle this Sunday (2:00pm), then Grass Roots Books in Corvallis, Oregon on Wednesday the 24th (7:00pm) and Powell’s City of Books in Portland on Thursday the 25th (7:30pm). Come on out! It Would be great to meet you in person.