Fast Food

This one’s for you, Captain Z! When the going get’s tough, the tough go for pork products. And in our case, that means getting off the Island and heading to our favorite dim sum joint in Seattle. They really put the fast in fast food. Carts loaded with treats parade around the tables in an endless loop, trailing fragrant clouds of pork-scented steam. The kids start pointing to what they want before we even sit down, and we’re eating within seconds of entering the place. Awesome.

Clockwise from left we have: Skyla and Weston reaching for honey-glazed baked char siu baos; something I don’t know the name of involving a yellow wrapper, tripe, shrimp and shredded bok choy; potstickers; har gow; gai lan (Chinese broccoli); sticky rice packages and siu mai. And that was just the first course. Guttony ensued. Of course, when you factor in the time and cost of the ferry ride, it’s hardly a fast meal. But we’ll take it.

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