Goodbye Blue Sky

Hello, rain. It had to end sometime, right? After nearly three months of sunshine, it’s going to start raining tomorrow. And raining. If the weather service is right, a river of weather is going to start flowing into the Pacific Northwest, and we’re looking at some serious wet.

Thankfully, we wrapped up the last of the blueberry gleaning at the farm last week under gorgeous, low-angled autumn sun. This is Weston and his buddy, Camille, cleaning up leftovers in the Legacy field. Best place to store gleaned berries? In the tummy.

Now it’s time to batten down the hatches. Spent the morning moving the last of this winter’s firewood into the shed and covering the open sides with plywood. It might not be the driest wood we’ve ever put up, but it’s not going to get any drier outside. Now we start looking for next year’s wood and the cycle starts all over again. Better sharpen the saws.

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