Health Food


Stacy’s been trying to get me to eat kale for years now, and even though we grow it, I just haven’t ever developed a taste for it. But after spending a week with my dad helping him recover from open-heart surgery, I feel a renewed commitment to eating better. This is his recipe, and it’s the first time I’ve been able to consume kale and actually enjoy it–probably because you don’t taste the kale at all. Ha!

The smoothie is mostly kale and blueberries (frozen from last summer), along with whatever other fruit happens to be in the house. Today we had a banana and satsuma (exotic treats requested by the kids for their Christmas stockings) and I also threw in some old apples and frozen peach slices. The frozen fruit makes the drink. It’s almost like a milkshake or slurpee.

Spun it up for a minute on “liquify” and it was delicious. And with two “superfoods” in there, I think the extra fiber, vitamins and antioxidants can help keep us all healthier. Here’s to kale! (Now that’s something I never thought I’d say.)

‘Tis The Season


Our winter chard seems to match the colors of the season, so I snapped a picture as holiday greeting. It tastes great sauteed with a bit of olive oil and garlic and provides much-needed fresh greens in our diet this time of year. Last night, after a relaxing day of opening presents and playing with them inside while the rain pounded down outside, we had a lovely Christmas dinner with Stacy’s parents. Main course was fresh wild duck breast (courtesy of our great friend Smarty) marinated in olive oil and garlic then pan-seared medium rare, along with roast potatoes–creamy German butterballs–and to really take it over the top, crab cakes on the side.

Stacy made an outrageous blueberry sauce for the duck with balsamic vinegar, red wine, chicken stock, worcestershire and brown sugar along with all the tasty bits deglazed from the duck pan. There was also a Bibb lettuce salad with crumbled blue cheese, apples and sunflower seeds, our traditional clam dip appetizer and a chocolate-coconut pecan pie Stacy’s mom made. I was so absorbed in gluttony, I forgot to take any food pix for the blog.

Skyla and I ate the leftover duck for breakfast this morning and felt thankful to have it. Happy Holidays!

Dormant Summer


Any guesses about what these are? Anybody? Here’s a hint: They aren’t sweet potatoes, and in fact, aren’t for eating at all. Figure it out?

Well, underneath ’em lies our ping-pong table, which has become the primary storage facility for…dahlia tubers. Stacy pulled, washed, dried, sorted and hauled this giant pile–hundreds, if not thousands–from the dahlia field up at the farm last month by herself while I was on the road promoting Closer to the Ground. Huge job and impressive results. Now they lie in wait for replanting or sale in the spring.

Hard to believe these homely little critters will blossom into spectacular flowers next summer. But I’m already looking forward to watching them grow and the beauty they bring to the farm when they bloom.

Free Book Giveaway

I realize this might get a little more play if I replaced the word “book” with “beer,” but I think it’s worth mentioning anyway. The “Exploring Portland’s Natural Areas” blog recently posted a review of Closer to the Ground, and to sweeten the pot, they’re giving away a free copy of the book.

All you have to do is click HERE and comment on the post. The winner will be selected at random this coming Sunday, December 23rd. Good luck!

Pure Joy


This is Weston taking flight at the farm a while back. Every time I look at this picture, it reminds me of how it feels to be a kid just running around and having fun. I may have even posted this one before, or one like it, but I just couldn’t help myself. Makes me smile every time. Hope it works for you as well.