Canned Summer


Well, it’s time to start making withdrawals instead of deposits to our family food bank. For sheer convenience, we freeze most of our summer fruit and fish, but canning has its place as well. Especially when the freezer space starts getting tight. This is a couple shelves in the pantry, with beets, salmon, pickles, peaches, raspberry jam and “dilly” beans.

The salmon is my favorite. I brine canning-sized chunks of smaller kings and silvers in salt and brown sugar, then smoke it lightly. For some reason, the canning process intensifies the smoke flavor, so the fish only stays in the smoker for about 45 minutes. When it comes out, I skin the chunks and stuff them into canning jars. Pressure cook for 110 minutes and it’s done. Unbelievably tasty on crackers, and frees up a lot of room in the freezer.

In case you’re wondering, the bigger kings, with their higher fat content, taste so good grilled I can’t bear to can them. And they hold up surprisingly well when vac-sealed and frozen. My mom came to visit this weekend and we thawed a fillet from a nice, fat July king to celebrate. It was delicious. Almost as good as fresh.


One Comment on “Canned Summer”

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    We have started to withdrawal too… it’s almost sad… all the work and the shelves look so nice… hate seeing them go, but nice to know I did it 🙂

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