Blueberries In Winter


As Stacy likes to say, the blueberries are sleeping now. Which means it’s pruning season. This is Stacy snipping sticks on a toasty, 38-degree afternoon, with about 400 down and 1100 plants to go. It’s a grind, but I find the process quite satisfying–shaping the plant, promoting future growth and better health. Easy for me to say, though–Stacy’s been carrying the bulk of the load while I’ve been driving the desk so far this season.

Pruning is a lot like editing. If it goes well, you take away the weak and unnecessary, and what you leave is much stronger for it. And it’s fun to imagine the plants in the future, when the work you’re doing now comes to fruition, as it were.

I’m going to try to find more time to edit blueberry bushes in the coming weeks. Happy New Year to all!



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