Good Eats


Our good friend (and good hunter), David Smart, generously gave us another batch of wild duck breasts. So last night we ate another round of them–I doubt I will ever tire of rich, tender, minerally flavor of wild duck–as part of a healthy, tasty meal. I marinated the duck in olive oil, garlic and a touch of rosemary, then pan-seared to medium rare. Stacy made her blueberry/balsamic/red wine sauce by deglazing the brown bits from the pan with the wine and chicken stock, then reducing with the rest of the ingredients.

On the side, sprouted short-grain Japanese rice cooked with chicken stock and steamed winter broccoli. Best meal we’ve had in quite a while. And this morning, Skyla and I polished off the leftover duck on toast. Delicious. Thank you, Smarty!

Note: This is the first time we tried the sprouted brown rice, and it’s incredibly good. I’d been hearing about the health benefits–more nutrients and fiber, higher GABA, etc, but I didn’t expect the great flavor and texture. Awesome.


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