My Favorite Bird


Walking down our road this morning, the fog was already starting to lift and I could tell we’d see the sun for the first time in what feels like a month. I think the birds could feel it too–lots of activity around the woods. I’m not generally much of a bird guy, but I was happy to see a dozen ruby crowned kinglets working the black huckleberry shrubs along the road, hopping from branch to branch, hanging upside down to check for spider eggs under leaves.

For whatever reason, kinglets–and especially the ruby-crowned variety–just seem “friendlier” and more “inquisitive” than other birds. If you hold still, they often work their way closer to you, and seldom flush from human movement. I know it’s cheap anthropomorphizing on my part, but watching these birds always lifts my spirits.

This is a papercut Nikki McClure did of a ruby crowned kinglet for Closer to the Ground. It works almost as well as the real thing.


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