And So It Begins Again


The new calendar year started more than a month ago, but for me, the real beginning is our first oyster gathering of the season. And this year, we got off to an early and good start. There was a marginal +1.6 low tide Saturday afternoon, and not knowing if we’d find any oysters at that level, we decided keep the party small and just make a 4-person scout trip of it. As soon as Weston’s basketball game ended, we rushed home, ate a quick lunch and headed for the beach.

Weston fell asleep in the car (big surprise), so Stacy waited with him while Skyla and I scrambled down the bluff and around the corner to check the oyster beds. Jackpot! Oysters on top of oysters, as usual. But the real test was looking to see if we could find any of the primo smaller oysters at this water level. A quick walk through the beds and we knew we were in good shape. But there wasn’t much time before this little low tide was going to come back in and submerge it all.

So we ran back, got Stacy and Weston, and commenced with the gathering. As soon as we had four limits in our bags, the kids started hunting for sea life they could put in their plastic “aquariums” to watch, while Stacy and I started shucking. It’s a satisfying process. And soon enough, we were headed back home, already thinking about the meal to come.


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