Golden Goodness


Ah, the crispy, crunchy, briny treat of pan-fried, fresh-from-the-beach oysters. One of my favorite meals, and something we always look forward to in late winter. This year, we couldn’t wait and started early. I’m not sure if it’s the cooler water and air (beach oysters spend part of most low tides exposed to the elements) or just our craving, but these tasted even cleaner and firmer than usual.

I like to cook them Japanese style, or kaki furai, as my grandmother might have said. After a thorough rinsing to remove bits of sand and shell, I pat the oysters dry and season lightly with garlic salt and cracked pepper. Then I roll ’em in a mix of flour and cornmeal, dip in egg wash and cover them with panko, the Japanese bread crumbs. If you haven’t cooked with panko, it creates the crispiest, lightest crust on anything you might want to fry. And if you have, well, then you already know what I’m talking about.

Stacy makes three dipping sauces. My favorite is a mix of soy sauce, lemon juice and wasabi. I’m also partial to a horseradish-worcestershire-ketchup cocktail sauce. Stacy likes the sweet-pickle relish tartar. For Weston, we make a cocktail sauce minus the horseradish. Skyla likes them best straight up. We plowed through about three limits at dinner (we picked small ones) and I’ve been eating the rest on sandwiches and just dipped in sauce for breakfast and lunch ever since. Awesome.


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