Spring Work


Still been below freezing most nights this week, but we’re kicking into high gear for spring anyway. Last week we hauled the boat up to Port Townsend for its annual motor service (dreaming of spring chinook, spot prawns, summer kings…) and made a day of it. Then back to mowing and pruning. Soon we’ll have to start the inevitable hand-to-hand combat with weeds that are just starting to show in the blueberry rows. Busy, busy, busy.

But the sun made an appearance this week, and that makes up for everything. This is Weston, Skyla, Aubine and Camille prepping for the farm season by rebuilding last year’s “baby insect zoo.” Nothing like a little mud, water and sunshine to keep kids happy and busy.

In spite of cool weather and some serious wind/rain a few days ago, the planet is waking up and things are growing. When we look at all that needs to be done at the farm and in the garden, it almost feels like it’s too sudden and too fast. But the sunshine? We’ll take it.


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