Meanwhile, Back At The Farm…


The blueberries are almost in full bloom now, with bees buzzing around and some sunshine on new leaves this week. Gotta love those bumblebees. I’ve heard that their mass-to-wing-area should make flying an impossibility, and yet, there they go, bombing around like little helicopters. Unlike honey bees, bumblers are all-weather workers, and have the strength to get into the tight blueberry flowers, so they do the bulk of our pollinating. Last year, Stacy discovered that when bumblebees can’t reach inside the flower, they cut a tiny hole down low on the petal and access the nectar and pollen through the side. Amazing.

This is the point, I think, when actual blueberries and the U-pick season start to seem like a reality. Of course, it’s also the time when the workload seems overwhelming and the chore list grows faster than we can cross things off of it. Stacy’s really busting it up there, and I’m helping as much as I can, and I’m still not sure if we’ll get it all done. I guess that’s why farm families used to have so many kids?

Opening day is still at least two and a half months out, but it feels like we’ll need every minute of that to be ready. Back to it!


One Comment on “Meanwhile, Back At The Farm…”

  1. kalamityk8 says:

    So many references to bees in my life this week…’tis the season I guess. Good luck with the workload, sounds like you’ll be busy as a bee…

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