Weekend’s Work


In an effort to make our vegetable growing a little easier and less weedy, I put in some rough raised beds at the farm this past weekend. Stacy scored some low-cost salvaged 2 X 10s to keep the price down, and I think they’ll work great. Yeah, we’re off to a late start this year for veggies, but we just got too busy with other, more pressing farm projects earlier in the spring. So I’m hoping for good, warm summer weather and lots of sunshine to help make up for lost time. And if nothing else, the beds will be set for next year.

We’re also excited to be testing organic fish compost from Oly Mountain on several blueberry rows this spring. This awesome looking product is made locally in Belfair, and contains fully composted fish byproducts along with wood and garden waste. When they brought the test product, we bought some extra for the raised beds, which I think will help accelerate our growing process as well. Will report back as we watch how it works.

Now I just have to rig the watering system for the beds, repair a few spots in the blueberry drip lines, and finish staking the drip tape in the dahlia beds and we’ll be set for dry weather. Come on, sunshine!

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