Ferry Boat Reading


You know that feeling when you see a picture of yourself and you look really awesome and cool? Neither do I. Man, what a cheeseball. Anyway…

This coming Thursday, June 27th, I will be reading from and talking about Closer to the Ground aboard the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry. More specifically, the 3:50pm Bainbridge-to-Seattle and the 4:40pm Seattle-to-Bainbridge boats. The event is part of Kitsap Regional Library’s “Ferry Tales” program, and I can’t think of a better venue for a book about foraging, fishing, cooking and eating from Puget Sound than literally on…Puget Sound.

So, if you happen to be in the area and feel up for a little boat ride, jump on the ferry and check it out. Or, if you’re commuting anyway, well, I guess I got you where I want you. Sweet. Either way, I look forward to meeting and talking with you in person. Hope you can make it.

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