Kids + Hydraulics = Efficiency


After years of splitting all our firewood with my trusty maul, I’ve caved in to the power of modern machinery. We’ve been so busy with the farm this year, I just haven’t had time for my usual, leisurely, split-a-few-rounds-before-work-each-day routine. And the rounds were piling up, needing to be split in time to dry.

So now, with the drying season upon us, we took the easy route. Kind of felt like cheating, but we really had to get it done. Today. And it turned out to be a great three-man operation: I moved rounds and held them in position while Skyla worked the switch and Weston hauled and piled split cordwood. When Weston got tired, the kids would switch jobs. And we blew through a huge pile of rounds in four hours.

Still kicked my butt. Something about doing all the work from a crouched position hammers the knees and back…but it was easily ten times faster than going old school. Am I wimping out? Probably. But as I type, I feel beat to a pulp and the kids were asleep before they hit their pillows tonight. And of course, it all still needs to be stacked. When they invent a machine that does that, this wimp will be first in line.


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