Living Pesticide


Friday, a package arrived in a small wooden crate with a white bag stapled inside. The kids knew what it was right away, and in what’s becoming an annual tradition, started getting stoked for “Ladybug Night” at the farm. After dinner, we took the crate out into the field, pried it open and spread our “pesticide.” We watered the blueberry bushes and released our 72,000 new friends at dusk, in hopes of keeping them close to home and devouring aphids.

So far, most of our efforts to grow blueberries organically involve lots of extra work, hassle and expense. But this isn’t one of them. I’d rather watch the kids laugh and shriek while spreading ladybugs, than sit on a tractor in hazmat gear, spraying toxic chemicals any day. Go ladybugs!

Note to jonesing berry pickers: We are getting close, but the berries aren’t quite ripe yet. I think we’ll probably be able to open in about a week to a week-and-a-half, but to be sure, call our harvest hotline for updates starting after the 20th. 206.855.0947.


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