King Time Now

Sunday dawned cool and breezy, which I knew would translate to freezing and windy on the water. But the kids and I have been so busy with farm, camps, work, etc we hadn’t fished in a while. And we had planned to fish Sunday. So we went anyway. I had good reports from up north, but when we turned the corner it was blowing too hard to make the run. Tried to go south, same thing.

So we put gear in the water at our little local spot and pounded it. To no avail. The good tide came and went. The only saving grace was phone reports from the places we wanted to fish, all saying it was rough and fishing was slow.

Around lunchtime, we were tired of the pounding (and lack of fish) in our semi-protected spot, so we ran to an area in the lee of the Island. Hadn’t heard of a single fish from there yet this summer. But we just wanted to find a place where we could relax a little and eat our sandwiches in peace. As soon as we were fishing and the kids brought out lunch, the famous “sandwich bite effect” came into play: Fish ON! The only bite of the day, but just as we netted our fish, the sun broke through, and we came home feeling lucky.

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