Spent a great day on the water yesterday with good friend Smarty, and picked up some goodies in the seafood department. The king season has been pretty tough so far, at least for me, but there are enough around to make it worth trying. Of course, after last year’s king bonanza, it’s easy to feel a little disappointment with our numbers. Either way, though, we’re thankful for every one we put in the box.  We’ll probably grill the prime mid-sections for dinner a couple times this week, then add the rest to what I already have in the fridge for a big smoker batch.

Also, the fish on the left was full of nice eggs, which we’ll marinate in kosher salt, soy sauce and sake for one of our favorite delicacies, ikura, or salmon caviar. I just have to hide it from Skyla so the rest of us get to eat some.

We’re at the peak of our crazy time now, with salmon season in full swing, the farm open, wild berries getting ripe, kid activities, camping trips and “real” work converging at one time.  All great things we love, but a lot of them. Just gotta soak up the season, enjoy it all as much as possible, and sleep in September. Or maybe October.

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