Autumn Bouquet


Early fall rains, beginning back in August, have us off to an excellent start in the mushroom department. Of course, this weather hasn’t been exactly conducive to great firewood drying (if only I’d stacked it all inside the shed a little earlier…) but as with most things in the natural world, it’s a give and take. So for now, we happily take the mushrooms.

Especially after last year’s disappointing season, the kids and I have been enjoying our time in the woods the last few weeks. I think what I really like is that mushroom hunting is ultimate low-tech pursuit. No gear to haul, no tides to wait for, nothing, really, at all, to prep or clean up. Just walk into the woods and start looking. You can make it an all-day expedition, or a quick-strike one-hour mission between, say, morning yard projects and the Seahawks game.

And then the buttery, delicate flavor of fresh chanterelles. Stacy made “chanterelle Marsala” the other night, with a light, creamy sauce and linguine pasta. So good! Enjoy the season.

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