Back In The Saddle Again


Haven’t been tractoring much since we finished mulching in the spring and hauling weeds in the summer. Now it’s time to turn the compost piles and put them to bed for the winter. Of course, it’s a job I should be doing a lot more frequently, but just haven’t had the time. So…now I’m in the middle of combining two separate piles, and finding that our dry summer kept the untarped “compost” from cooking at all. We were expecting steam, worms and rich, dark compost. But instead it’s pretty much dry all the way through, and looks like hay. Bummer.

The ingredients should be good–a nice mix of green leafy refuse and some sawdust for carbon, with a little manure in there to get it rolling. But I hadn’t anticipated that it would dry out all the way through. Should’ve covered it, but it seemed unnecessary in summer around here. All I can do now is let a little rain fall on it, try to get it kickstarted with some fresh chicken manure and soil soup, tarp it up and hope for the best.

But at least it’s fun sitting on the old Kubota again.

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