Processed Food


We are now clearly making more withdrawals than deposits from our family food bank. On Saturday we opened the first jar of blackberry jam Skyla and her friends made from berries picked in August. Yesterday we thawed a package of smoked king salmon to serve at a friend’s party. And today I took a whole frozen silver salmon fillet out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow.

The great part about it all is that each package of food we picked or caught or grew, even it’s processed form, reminds us of when we harvested it. The salmon fillet, for example, says “Puget Sound Silver 9.5.13” on it, and just taking it out of the freezer brings back the excitement of Weston fighting it, Skyla netting it, and all of us high-fiving in the bright, late-summer sunshine. The value of these memories is not overlooked here in the dark chill of November.

I took the snapshot above for Lucky Peach (David Chang, of Momofuku fame’s gonzo foodie magazine) a while back, but thought I’d share it here as well. Kind of captures the spirit of the season. The question now, as it is every year, is will our supply last until we’re once again making deposits? Thankfully, it’s not a question of survival. The good stuff doesn’t last long around here.

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