Winter Prep


Ahead of what looks to be the first solid freeze of the year tonight, Weston and I spent a few hours winterizing the farm irrigation system. Mostly just a matter of draining all the lines and filters, opening the gate valves and looking for anywhere else water might be trapped. Easy work, made more fun by having my “assistant” on the job. And I think he liked it, too, since it’s a job where he can actually do a majority of the work himself.

In the picture above, he’s opening the ends of the drip lines in the dahlia field to drain that part of the system. Won’t be long before he and Skyla can handle the whole job on their own.

Chilly here today–just a light frost last night, but it never melted in our yard. Just finished stacking some bigger fir logs and even a few pieces of our coveted “cold weather” madrona by the back door. Looks like we’re going to need it tonight. Stay warm, everyone. Feels like winter.

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