Duck Charcuterie


This was a new experiment of trying to create a kind of wild game charcuterie, but without the three-month waiting and drying period. I started with 38 duck breasts and four from large Canada geese (thanks, Smarty!) that I rinsed and trimmed of any skin or damaged meat. I wanted something dry, savory and flavorful rather than just cooked. I brined the ducks and geese in a mix of apple juice, kosher salt, brown sugar and water for about 30 hours then patted them dry and put ’em in the smoker at a relatively low temperature.


Here’s the result: Dense, firm, slightly smoky, with a highly concentrated duck/goose flavor. Kind of a cross between smoked ham and prosciutto. I think it came out delicious–but I’m the only one in the family who likes it. And I’ve been eating it pretty much nonstop since it came out of the smoker. Next batch I’m going to smoke longer at an even lower temperature for more of a cured texture. In the mean time, I’m  headed into the house to eat a little more.

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