With frozen air still pouring down out of the Fraser Valley, things haven’t thawed here in almost a week. Hit 17 degrees last night (very low for our maritime climate), and looking to be even colder tonight. And outside, it looks like a gorgeous early summer morning–bright low-angled sun, blue skies…

We did have a light dusting of very fine snow yesterday afternoon, just enough to briefly raise the kids’ (and my) hopes for Snow Day fun, but it evaporated almost as fast as it fell. Funny how even as a grown up, I can feel the excitement rising whenever there’s even the slightest chance of snow.

Animals are busy trying to fuel up to keep warm. I watched kinglets working over the salal and salmonberries with unusual urgency, searching out the tiny bugs and spider eggs they eat. Love those birds. Especially how they hang upside down to peer under leaves. A couple deer spent the better part of the day in our yard, too, eating pretty much everything they could reach. And on that note, I think I better head into the house to fuel up myself…there’s a box of leftover Thai food calling my name. Stay warm everyone!


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