Frozen Oregon Coast


One of the real gifts of having a book published, I am finding, is that it provides a path to hanging out with people I don’t get to see enough. In this case, author, fishing guide and good friend, John Larison. (If you’re a fan of fiction set in the Pacific Northwest like I am, I recommend Larison’s novels Northwest of Normal and Holding Lies.)

This week I hit the road to Corvallis, Oregon, for a couple of book events (more on that later) but I was really looking forward to some time with John. We had a wonderful dinner of bear and elk burgers, along with some smoked duck and goose breast I brought along for appetizers, at his house Tuesday night when I arrived in town. What a meal! Then the visit got even better–we spent Wednesday fishing.

With water temps in the low 30s, fishing was predictably slow. But it hardly mattered. We had brilliant sunshine on one of the rivers I fished as a kid, and plenty of time to talk about books, writing and fish. A perfect mix of conversation subjects and camaraderie, along with nostalgia for time spent here long ago. I can’t even begin to express how much I enjoyed the day. Thanks, John.

Then it was back to town and the treacherous, icy roads for two book events in one night…(to be continued)



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