Seattle Fish Event

Cold Water  Wild Fish Final

Craft beer, gourmet food, an awesome new fish film…and it’s all FREE! Yup, this Thursday, January 9th, from 7-10pm at the Patagonia Warehouse, 5700 Airport Way South, Suite 265 in Seattle. I will be giving a quick talk and reading on conservation and fishing to kick the whole program off.

The main point of the evening is to get the Northwest fishing community together to learn a bit about what’s currently going on in fish/water conservation, shoot the breeze, eat, drink and be merry. Beer’s from Georgetown Brewing, food from Kevin Davis of Blueacre and Steelhead Diner, and the feature film is Long Live The King, from Alaska Fly Out. Did I mention the FREE BEER?

Come by if you can. I think it’s going to be a great time.


2 Comments on “Seattle Fish Event”

  1. Hey Dylan – Is this event still going on Thursday?

    I hadn’t seen anything else advertising it and wanted to check since the WDFW wild steelhead gene pool meeting down in Centralia is also that night. Thanks!

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