“Snow” Day


After no snow here last winter, and none to speak of so far this year, we were stoked to wake up to some of the elusive white stuff Sunday morning. I’m always amazed at how much light and good cheer snow brings to our dark, Puget Sound winter. Of course, this was nothing compared to what other parts of the country have received the last few months, and really more of a light dusting than real snow, but it was enough.


Enough to convince the kids that walking to get the paper with Dad might be fun. Enough to scoop up for grape-juice snow cones. And most importantly, enough to slide down the local sled hill–even if it was mostly grass by the time we arrived.

At dusk, in a quest to make the most of the rapidly melting snow, we resorted to bike-powered tow sledding around the house. But after a few runs, Dad’s legs were shot, the driveway was down to bare gravel and our snow day was complete. Here’s hoping we get another shot or two of lowland snow before spring.

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