Apologies for the long gap in posts here, but sometimes, when the going gets dark and cold, the dark and cold get going somewhere they can warm up. In this case, we were lucky enough to spend a couple weeks on another island–Kauai–foraging for local sources of mayonnaise, sodium and fat. Pretty much my three favorite food groups, especially when put together Hawaiian style.

This is a picture of an awesome breakfast at Tip Top Motel Restaurant & Bakery in Lihue. While we didn’t stay there, we did frequent the place for morning grub. I highly recommend it. On this morning, I was having a “light” Hawaiian breakfast of mouth-watering fried rice, two eggs and corned beef hash. Yes, that’s hash in the foreground. When you’re going Hawaiian-style with your hash, they don’t just press it flat on the griddle to crisp it. No, that would be too healthy. Instead, they form it into little balls and drop ’em into the deep fryer for max crispy. Not pictured are the banana pancakes I ordered, which Weston immediately devoured. So good!

In spite of near-constant physical activity–snorkeling, paddleboarding, bodyboarding and surfing with the kids–I still managed to gain 12 pounds in 12 days. Something to remember whenever I think about how great it would be to live there. Great, that is, if I don’t mind weighing 357 pounds. But then I think of our last day at Hanalei, when a nice northwest swell and 20 kt offshore breeze combined for endless hollow, glassy waves and we stayed out until we couldn’t stand up. And then I think of the chili pepper fried chicken plate lunch at the Village Bakery we had afterwards. And the mind-blowing saimin-won ton soup at Hammura’s we had for dinner in Lihue. And I think, 357 pounds wouldn’t be so bad. I’d need a new wardrobe, but it’d only have to be a couple of t-shirts and pair of shorts.

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