Annual Boat Service


With the weather improving and salmon on my mind, it was time to get the Lyla-Kai up and running . I rolled her out into the open and hosed off the thick layer of pollen and other crud that built up over the winter. Funny how something that’s a chore in the summer feels like fun after a long period of little use. Of course, I would have liked to have spent the winter chasing blackmouth (feeder king salmon), but we just had too much on our plates. So washing the boat was enjoyable, and it definitely got me and the kids dreaming about fishing the Sound.

I tinkered around with the trailer lights (salt + water + electrical = constant battle) and other small projects, then hooked her up for the drive to Port Townsend.

Since this is the first vehicle of any kind that I ever purchased new (well, the boat was “lightly used” but the motor was new) I’ve always had it serviced by actual Honda techs. The first year, I had the break-in service done by a local outfit, and the cost seemed a bit high. So I called around and found that it was about three times the going rate. I asked about it, and they basically said “Yup, that’s what we charge.” So I called around some more, and found Port Townsend Honda. Can’t say enough about them. Even thought it’s a bit of a drive, they’re kind enough to book the appointment ahead of time and get the work done in the time it takes me to go eat lunch. That’s the Lyla-Kai just pulling out of Port Townsend Honda, newly serviced and ready to roll.

Now I actually look forward to my yearly trip up there to see Travis and his guys. They do first-rate work at a great price, and “go the extra mile” to make sure it’s done right. On a couple of occasions, in the middle of fishing season, when I needed some work and didn’t have time to go up there, they’ve talked me through the fix on the phone for free. Great, great service.

So yes, this is a commercial endorsement. If you live anywhere in the area and need any kind of Honda work–bike, mower, outboard, generator–I highly recommend checking out the Port Townsend guys. Even if it’s a bit of a drive. This year, in the course of the normal service, they also worked with me to get the idle speed really dialed for trolling, fixed a slight throttle issue and improved the fuel line setup. Going the extra mile, yet again. Now I can barely wait for salmon season.

2 Comments on “Annual Boat Service”

  1. Dylan, What type of boat is Lyla-Kai and what engine do you have on it?

    • dylantomine says:

      Hi Caspar. The Lyla-Kai is a 16-foot Duroboat with a Honda 30 on the back. Light weight means awesome fuel use and easy launch/retrieve, although we often wish it was heavier when the chop comes up. Great boat for us, we love it.

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