Big Shrimpin’


Our two-day, local spot prawn “season” is now in the books, but we enjoyed it while we could. Saturday, Weston had a baseball game right in the middle of the 7:00am-3:00pm opener, but we zoomed home, picked up Skyla, threw on some rain gear and joined Smarty, Neal and John for a two-boat, last-haul-of-the-day expedition in windy, choppy, rainy conditions. Rough going, but the shrimp were thick and it was good to get out on the water with friends. Weston fell asleep as soon as we left the dock and didn’t really wake up until 7:00am the next morning. Some things haven’t changed.


Today, completely different story. Sunny, bluebird sky, no wind. I was sad the kids were in school and missed out, but felt happy to restock the shrimp supply, since we’ve already gorged ourselves on Saturday’s haul. I was in meetings until noon, so I jumped in with Smarty (thanks, bud!) and we had a gorgeous afternoon on the water. Even pulled up a little by-catch, pictured above.


This is what it’s all about–sweet, firm, delicious spot prawns on the table. We like ’em skewered and grilled, or sauteed in olive oil, or wok-seared with black bean sauce, or poached in garlic butter over linguine…pretty much however you cook spot prawns, they’re the best shrimp you ever ate. Tonight we went simple and just boiled them in saltwater. Add a little garlic-lemon-butter dip, or horseradish cocktail sauce and I can’t stop. So good!

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