After years of gear fishing in the boat and some spinning-rod action for trout, it’s finally time for the kids to start flinging feathers. We had several backyard-lawn sessions, then decided to try some real water. The local park pond seemed to work pretty well, although we were distracted by a few jumping fish (adding a hook to the line made things a bit more…shall we say, challenging) and had to watch out for joggers on the backcast.

Both kids found more success with a two-handed approach, even on a 9-foot single hander, so we’re going with that. This is Skyla working to tighten her loop and feel the timing. Weston is coming along as well, although he brings a lot more energy and a little less patience to the process. On the lawn, he mostly wants me to pull on the line so he can “practice fighting big fish.”

The main lesson for me is that this isn’t easy. While the kids work on casting, I’m getting plenty of lessons in patience and calmness in the face of tangles, casting knots and hangups. Verdict? I still have a ways to go. But the kids are coming along nicely, and we have visions of a future when we can use the fly rods to actually catch fish.

One Comment on “Practice”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    Fishing is good fatherhood practice. Carry on!

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