Patagonia Photo Contest

thatdamcontest (1)

Yes, you could actually win a “rad” trip to hang out with…uh, me. But it’s still a cool contest anyway. And fortunately, the prize also includes a float trip to experience the newly free-flowing Elwha River, a screening of DamNation on the Olympic Peninsula, some other river- and fish-related activities, and time with DamNation producer, underwater photographer, biologist and all-around awesome guy, Matt Stoecker.

As part of the promotions for the multiple-award-winning DamNation movie, the film crew and Patagonia’s photo editors will pick the winner from photos of bad dams or favorite river scenes. For details on how to enter, click HERE. And while you’re on the website, check out the movie trailer and screening dates. If nothing else, go see the movie or download it and watch. It’s definitely worth your time.

And if you win, well, we can talk more as we float down the Elwha or get in the water to look for fish. Good luck!

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