Early Harvest


I can’t remember ever having strawberries in May, but Skyla picked these from our raised beds at the farm last week. At our house in the woods, I’ve grown accustomed to “June-bearing” strawberries ripening in July, but the wide-open space (no shade) at the farm seems to make a huge difference. Although we’ve had record rainfall this spring, we’ve also had a lot of sunny days, which may have contributed to the early ripening. Whatever the reason, we’ll take ’em.

This batch went into our traditional first-harvest “light” ice cream, made with equal parts half-and-half, 2% milk and non-fat yogurt. A pinch of salt, a dash of vanilla, a little sugar and two-plus cups of fresh berries all go into our little ice cream maker and the result is a luscious, bright, frozen version of strawberries and cream. I could probably eat a gallon of the stuff in one sitting.

And the berries are just starting to come on strong, so we’ve also been eating plenty straight from the basket, and blending them into smoothies with the kale that’s also growing like crazy now. Fresh, healthy, energy food disguised as dessert. What could be better?

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