Way Behind Schedule


Next winter’s firewood should have been split and stacked for drying months ago, but life–work, kid sports, book stuff, fishing–got in the way. And now I’m feeling pressure to get the three huge firs I hauled home (with the help of good buddies Neal and Reed) back in April into position to dry fast. The good news is the trees have been cut and quartered since April. The bad news is that they don’t dry that well when they’re lying on the ground in a huge pile.

Thankfully, I have a little help. Weston does quite a bit, actually, and probably cuts a third of the time out of my usual solo stacking process. More importantly, his cheerful spirits make the work more fun. And if we stack for extra good air circulation, and have a relatively warm, dry summer, we might be okay. Last year I had a late start as well, and the wood burned okay. Still a little wetter than ideal, but good enough. That’s probably the best we can hope for this year.

So yeah, a little late once again. But then, if I’m being honest with myself, it’s been several years since I actually had all the wood put up when I like. Turns out, the dream of being done with the next year’s wood stacks a year in advance is really just that…a dream. In which case, I’m not behind schedule at all. In fact, I’m right on time. Awesome.

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