Shades Of Summer


We seem to be stuck in a “Junuary” cycle of damp, chilly weather again this year. Yesterday, at the 4th grade track meet, I had two layers of fleece under a rain jacket. There’s water standing in newly formed potholes all along our road. It may not feel like summer, but it does feel like June in the Pacific Northwest.

Seems like we go through this every year: shorts and flip-flops in May, followed by a return to wool socks in June. But the nearly 18 hours of daylight, and the deepening shades of green in the woods around the house, tell us summer, if not quite here, is on the way.

And that means salmon and crab openers will be here soon as well. I can already feel the stoke starting to build. As for summer warmth and sunshine? They’ll arrive on the 5th of July. Right on schedule.

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