Golden Gate


We spent a lovely few days in the Bay Area, capped by my mom’s 70th birthday celebration high atop the Berkeley Hills. What a party! We were surrounded by dear friends (many whom I have not seen since I was a kid) and family, the food was delicious, the music lively. Skyla and Weston, amidst a pack of cousins, careened wildly around the party, laughing and smiling. Mostly, though, I was struck by how much love and gratitude filled the air. My mom told the story of how she met each guest, and what they have meant to her, and in turn, everyone I spoke with had a story of the impact she’d had on their lives.

I guess I should have known. All the love and support and encouragement she’s given me–from taking me to the river every Sunday and studying for her doctorate in the car while I fished, to changing diapers when Skyla and Weston were babies, to the guidance and wisdom she continues to share with us–was not reserved for me and my brother alone. I could see in the faces of her friends that her love had encompassed all of them as well.

Thank you, Mom, for everything. We wouldn’t be who we are without your generosity and kindness. And now, we’re already looking forward to your 80th. I think it’ll be quite a party.

One Comment on “Golden Gate”

  1. satsukina1944 says:

    Speechless, actually. Guess the expensive party meal paid off after all. Thank you.

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