BC Coast #1


Gearing up: After all the lists and weeks of preparation, not to mention a huge box of waders, boots and kid life jackets shipped ahead, this is what it came down to hauling as checked baggage. Apologies for lagging on blog posts, but the kids and I have been (luxuriously) out of cell phone and internet range, exploring the outer islands of northern British Columbia by boat. It was a truly epic adventure for us, with incredible fishing, foraging, friends and food, and an opportunity to experience what our home waters of Puget Sound were once like.


But before we headed out in the boat, we spent a few days in Terrace with our great friends (and legendary conservationists) Bruce and Anne Hill. Their daughter, Julia, a dedicated conservationist in her own right, took the day off from work and joined us for a day of fishing on the Skeena River, while Bruce took care of last-minute boat details.


The kids were stoked to be in the water in their waders, and Weston made fast friends with Vader the black lab. In spite of the hot, sunny conditions, we also managed to catch a few chrome-bright sockeye salmon, which, along with potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and zucchini from the Hill’s garden, made a mouth-watering summer dinner.


Up next: Venturing into the salt. Stay tuned!


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